LIC Assistant Salary 2024, In hand Salary, Perks, Job Profile

This article talks about the salary, benefits, and job details of LIC Assistant in 2024. It provides information about how much money they will actually receive, the extra perks they get, and the opportunities for career growth.

LIC Assistant Salary 2024

The LIC Assistant salary for 2024 can be found on the official website of the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC). People who are getting ready for LIC Assistant jobs should know about the LIC Assistant Salary for 2024, including how much they will be paid, how they can move up in their career, and any extra money they may receive. They can find all this information in the article about the LIC Assistant Salary for 2024.

LIC Assistant 2024

LIC is a government company in India. Working there has many advantages like a secure job, good salary and benefits, and chances to move up in your career. If you work hard and show your skills, you can get promoted to a higher position.

LIC Assistant Salary 2024- Overview

The new starting salary for a LIC Assistant is Rs. 27,840 per month. With other allowances and deductions, the amount you will actually receive in your bank account is around Rs. 38,000 to Rs. 40,000 per month. You can find more information about the LIC Assistant Salary in 2024 in this article. It includes details about the salary structure, increases, and additional benefits. Keep reading to learn more.

LIC Assistant Salary 2024
Conducting BodyLife Insurance Corporation Limited
PostLIC Assistant
No of Vacancyto be notified
Basic PayRs. 27,840 per month
JobsBank Jobs
Exam LevelNational
Selection ProcessPrelims, Mains

LIC Assistant Salary Structure 2024

The LIC Assistant Salary Structure is explained below. It includes the basic pay and the highest amount of money you can earn. The basic pay is Rs. 27,840 per month, and it increases according to a specific scale. The maximum salary a LIC Assistant can earn without getting promoted is Rs. 40,080.

LIC Assistant Salary Structure 2024
Basic PayRs. 27,840
DARs. 10,553.14
DA (Arrears)Rs. 176.27
HRARs. 1987.65
Transport AllowanceRs. 680
Temp Cash AllowanceRs. 800
Cadre Spl. AllowanceRs. 2000
Tech Exam AllowanceRs. 555
Tech Exam Allowance (Arrears)Rs. 555
Gross SalaryRs. 45,147.06
DeductionRs. 6731.06
Net SalaryRs. 38416.00

LIC Assistant Salary 2024- Perks & Allowance

The LIC Assistant’s salary slip shows different types of money they receive, like allowances, basic pay, and gratuity. The salary is a big reason why people want to do well and pass the exam. The salary slip also includes extra benefits and money they get.

  • Graduation Increment
  • House Rent Allowance & City Compensatory Allowance
  • Defined Contributory Pension
  • Gratuity
  • LTC
  • Cash Medical Benefit
  • Group Medi-claim
  • Group Personal Accident Insurance
  • Group Insurance
  • Vehicle Loan (2-wheeler) as per rules

The amount of money you get as extra payment depends on the type of city you work in and the meal coupon you receive. In a top-tier city, you can expect to receive around Rs 30,000 per month. So, after deducting taxes and other expenses, your take-home salary as an LIC Assistant will be between Rs 28,000 and Rs 30,000 per month.

LIC Assistant Salary 2024: Deductions

Here are some more details about the deductions from the LIC Assistant Salary. Candidates can look at the table below to see them.

LIC Assistant Salary 2024: Deductions 
Name of the DeductionsAmount
NPS-DCP OpteesRs. 3825
MediclaimRs. 158.92
New GI SchemeRs. 97
GTIS’ 97 Rish PrRs. 196
Opynl MediclaimRs. 613.92
GID PremiumRs. 1840
SR A/C CreditRs. 0.22
Total DeductionsRs. 6731.06

What after Selection as LIC Assistant?

Once you are chosen as an LIC Assistant and finish your training, you will be assigned to a specific place for at least three years. You cannot request to change your location during this time. You will have to follow the rules and regulations of LIC of India (Staff) Regulations, 1960. Your responsibilities may include being an Assistant, Cashier, Single Window Operator, Customer Service Executive, and more. There is a probation period of six months when you start as an LIC Assistant, which may be extended up to one year.

  • Corporation Choice of Divisional Office for an appointment: The candidates will be competing with those candidates who have applied for empanelment for an appointment in the Division chosen. No candidate will be considered for the post in the Division other than the one chosen by him/her for an appointment. Hence, candidates should carefully select the Divisional office for an application. No change in the Divisional Office will be permissible at a later date. Candidates should submit the application only for ONE division. Candidates should choose a place specified for their Division as an examination center. Examination centers other than places specified for that Division shall not be allowed. However, the Corporation has the right to allot any examination center to a candidate.

LIC Assistant Job Profile

The job description or responsibilities of an LIC Assistant include the following:

  • Clerical duties
  • Public relations/ mitigation
  • Document handling
  • Customer service executive
  • Back-end office work
  • Handling transactions

LIC Assistant Job Profile: Roles and Responsibilities

  • The main role of Assistants is managing cash counters, processing and sanctioning or disbursement of files.
  • Clerical Staff duties involve Cashier, Single Window Operator, Customer Service Executive, etc.
  • LIC Assistants take care of back-office work, Account related work, and recovery.
  • LIC Assistants deal with customer grievances.
  • They are responsible for processing and reviewing insurance documentation and ensuring that all documents are complete.
  • They are also required to Manage Sales documents & other documents related to policies, claims, settlements, accounts, etc.
  • Assistants handle online and offline transactions.

LIC Assistant Promotion and Career Growth

The salary and benefits offered for the LIC Assistant job are very good and can help you have a successful career. This is a government job, so it is secure. There are also many extra benefits and allowances that come with the salary. Many people will be applying for this job, so it is important to do your best in the exam to have a chance at getting it. With some hard work and focus, you can achieve your goals. Good luck to everyone taking the exam!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the In-Hand Salary of a LIC Assistant?

A LIC Assistant’s salary, which they receive in their hand, is between Rs. 28000/- to Rs. 30000/- per month. The exact amount depends on where they are posted.

What is the basic pay of a LIC Assistant?

The starting salary of a LIC Assistant is Rs.14,435/- every month.

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