SSC CPO Salary 2024, In Hand Salary, Structure, Promotion

SSC CPO Salary 2024: The article below has information about the salary of SSC CPO in 2024. It includes details about how much money you will actually receive, the extra benefits you will get, opportunities for advancement, and what the job involves.

SSC CPO Salary 2024

The salary for SSC CPO is a big attraction for people who want to work in the government. When applying for the exam, candidates want to know how much money they will actually get. The job is highly respected, pays well, and comes with benefits like a pension. We have provided all the details about the salary for SSC CPO, including the different positions and allowances. Keep reading to find out more.

SSC CPO Salary In Hand

The salary for the SSC CPO 2024 jobs includes the money you actually get, the basic pay, and extra money. The basic pay for SSC CPO is Rs. 35,400 and the total salary is Rs. 47,496. The amount you actually get is calculated by subtracting deductions from the total salary. So, the money you actually get is Rs. 41,231.

SSC CPO Basic Salary

The starting salary for an SSC CPO officer is Rs 35,400. After the 7th Pay Commission, their salary has increased by about 22-24%. The total salary, including all benefits, is now Rs 47,496. Here is a table showing the different components of their salary.

Name of the postLevelGroupSSC CPO Salary (Post wise)Grade Pay
Sub Inspector in Delhi Police (Male/ Female)6‘C’ Non-GazettedRs. 35400-112400/-4200
Sub Inspector in CAPF6‘B’ Non-GazettedRs. 35400-112400/-4200
Assistant Sub-Inspector(ASI) in CISF6‘C’ Non-GazettedRs. 29200-92300/2800

The SSC CPO Notification for 2024 is now available. Click to check it. You can also apply online by clicking the link.

SSC CPO Gross Salary

The Gross Salary is the total amount of money you earn. It is calculated by adding your basic salary with any additional money you receive for housing and travel expenses. There may also be other allowances that are included in the calculation of your total salary.

SSC CPO Salary Allowances

The SSC CPO Basic Salary includes different amounts of extra money called allowances. The amount of these allowances can change depending on the city where the candidate is assigned. Some of these allowances are part of the SSC CPO Salary.

  • Dearness Allowance
  • Home Rental Allowance
  • Travel Allowance
  • Dearness on Travel Allowance
  • NPS
  • CGHS
  • Deductions
SSC CPO Salary
Basic / Allowances
X CityY CityZ City
Basic Salary354003540035400
DA on TA000
Gross Salary474964286440032
SSC CPO In Hand Salary412313660033767

SSC CPO Salary After 7th Pay Commission

The salary of SSC CPO has been changed after the 7th Pay Commission. The pay level for SI, CAPF, and CISF is 6. In Delhi Police & CAPF, the salary for SI is between Rs 35400 – 112400, while for ASI in CISF, it is between Rs 29200-92300. Now, let’s see what duties the candidates have to do for this job.

SSC CPO Job Profile 2024 – Roles & Responsibilities

SSC CPO gives people a chance to work for the country’s improvement. Each job in SSC CPO has a specific description. The main responsibility is to maintain law and order and ensure security.

SSC CPO CISF Job Profile

  • Providing security to various government establishments, PSU, and other state-owned infrastructures
  • Protecting the Government infrastructure projects and industrial units

SSC CPO Job Profile for Sub-Inspector in Delhi Police

  • Maintain Law and order in Delhi.
  • Arrest with or without a warrant,
  • Searching a person, his/her vehicle, or his/her premises.
  • A Sub-Inspector can give you the notice to produce documents required during the investigation which you have to comply.
  • All cases of the Indian penal codes, special laws passed by parliament, and local laws of states are investigated by Sub-Inspectors and Inspectors.
  • For maintaining law and order, a Sub-Inspector can order an unruly mob to disperse and can also use force for ensuring the same.

SSC CPO Job Profile for CAPFs

  • Border Security Forces (BSF)-
    Protecting the border between India & Pakistan
    Promoting a sense of security in the citizens of India
    Prevent crimes across the border and illegal refugees
  • CRPF– Responsible for controlling riots & Naxalites
  • ITBP
    Protecting the border between India & China (from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh)
    Providing security at northern borders that are close to Pakistan and China
    Preventing the violation of border
    Preventing smuggling, anti-national activities, and illegal immigration across the border
  • SSB
    Protecting Indo – Nepal and Indo – Bhutan borders
    Preventing cross-border crimes, smuggling, and other anti-national activities
  • CISF
    Providing security to various government establishments, PSU, and other state-owned infrastructures
    Protecting the Government infrastructure projects and industrial units
    The sub-inspector in Delhi Police is responsible for maintaining law and order in Delhi.

SSC CPO Benefits & Promotions

After passing the SSC CPO exams, you can apply for jobs in organizations like CRPF, SSB, CISF, Delhi Police, and ITBPF. The type of work you do will depend on which division you join. But the main goal of the job is to make sure there is law and order in the country and at its borders, no matter what the situation is. SSC CPO offers good jobs to many people who want to work in the defense sector. It’s a big responsibility because you need to be patient and strong to keep peace and order. So, it’s a job that people respect. The salary for SSC CPO increases according to government rules and includes the 7th Pay commission. The promotion for SSC CPO Posts is as follows:

  • An assistant sub-inspector takes at least 7-8 years for their first promotion.
  • A sub-inspector becomes an inspector after 15-18 years and at least 12-15 years to attain the post of an ACP.
  • An SI in CAPF has to clear a written examination for promotion.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. What is the Basic Pay of SSC CPO 2024?

The starting salary for SSC CPO 2024 is Rs. 35400.

Q 2. What is the Gross Salary of SSC CPO 2024?

The total salary for SSC CPO posts is Rs 47,496.

Q 3. Can candidates get promotions after clearing SSC CPO Exam?

Yes, there are many chances to get promoted after passing the SSC CPO Exam.

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