UP Police Constable Salary 2024, Pay Scale, Job Profile, Salary Slip & Allowances

UP Police Constable Salary 2024: The article below talks about the salary of UP Police Constables in 2024. It explains the salary structure, the amount of money they will receive, and the additional benefits and perks they will get. The salary is determined by the 7th Pay Commission and includes a basic salary of Rs. 21,700 with a Grade Pay of Rs. 2000. The article also discusses other components of the salary and the amount of money the constables will take home.

UP Police Constable Salary 2024

Candidates who are selected as UP Police Constables will earn a monthly salary between INR 30,000 and 40,000. This means they will make an annual income of INR 4,20,000 to 4,80,000. You can find more information about the salary in the table below.

UP Police Constable Salary 2024
OrganizationUttar Pradesh Recruitment And Promotion Board
Name of the PostUP Police Constable
Grade PayINR 2,000/-
Pay BandRs. 5200 -20200
Gross Monthly SalaryRs. 30,000/- to Rs. 40,000/-
Annual SalaryRs. 4,20,000/- to Rs. 4,80,000/-
Probation Period6 months to 2 years

UP Police Constable Salary Structure

The UP Police Constable’s salary is made up of different parts like the money you actually get, extra payments, a set amount of money, and more. If you want to know how much they get paid, you can look at the table that shows the UP Police Constable Salary Structure.

UP Police Constable Salary Structure 2024 
Grade PayINR 2000/-
7th CPC Initial Basic PayINR 21,700/-
Gross Monthly SalaryINR 30,000/- – INR 40,000
UP Police Constable AllowanceDA, HRA, TA, LTA, Medical, High Altitude Allowance, City Compensatory Allowance.
UP Police Constable DeductionsNPS, Income Tax, and Others

UP Police Constable Salary Per Month 2024

The in-hand salary of a UP Police Constable is the amount of money they receive after all deductions and allowances. After the recruitment process, UP Police employees start with a basic salary of Rs. 21,700/-. The monthly in-hand salary of a UP Police Constable can range from Rs. 21,700 to Rs. 69,100, with the highest salary achievable after serving for a long time.

UP Police Constable Salary Slip 2024

Here is the salary slip for UP Police Constable. It shows different things like allowances, deductions, basic pay, and more. It’s an old slip, but it can give candidates an idea about their salary.

UP Police Constable Salary 2024 Perks and Allowances

As per the 7th pay commission, candidates who are chosen will receive extra rewards and bonuses in addition to their salary. However, they will only be eligible for these benefits after they finish their probation period. The details of these benefits are explained below.

1. Dearness Allowance (DA): Dearness Allowance (DA) is extra money added to your salary based on the cost of living. It changes from time to time depending on how prices are going up or down.
2. Leave Encashment: Leave Encashment lets you turn your unused vacation days into cash. This gives you more flexibility in how you use your time off.
3. House Rent Allowance (HRA): House Rent Allowance (HRA) helps cover the cost of renting a home, especially if you don’t own one. The amount you get depends on where you live and is a percentage of your salary.
4. Medical Allowance: Medical Allowance is a set amount of money given to help pay for your medical expenses. But remember, you have to pay taxes on it.
5. Travel Allowance (TA): Travel Allowance (TA) pays for your travel expenses when you’re on official business trips. It can be a fixed amount or based on how much you actually spend, depending on the rules of your organization.
6. Detachment Allowance: Detachment Allowance helps cover the extra costs you have when you’re temporarily working away from your usual workplace. It pays for things like lodging, meals, and transportation. You might get a fixed amount or be reimbursed for what you actually spend.
7. High Altitude Allowance: High Altitude Allowance is extra money given to employees who work in high-altitude areas. It’s meant to compensate for the health risks and discomfort that come with working in those environments.
8. City Compensatory Allowance: City Compensatory Allowance is given to employees who work in cities with higher living costs. It helps them maintain their standard of living.

UP Police Constable Salary After 5 Years

Once the candidates are chosen to become Police Constables in the Uttar Pradesh Police Department, they will need to complete a 2-year training program. Their promotions will be determined by how well they perform. Over time, the Constables’ salary usually increases by 30% to 50% of what they initially earned when they joined the Police department. The additional allowances and take-home salary they receive will depend on their performance and the government’s rules for salary increases.

UP Police Constable Probation Period

Candidates who are chosen for the UP Police Constable position will need to work for a trial period of 2 years. During this time, they will not receive any extra benefits or money. The candidates’ performance will be closely observed during their trial period. If a candidate does not perform well enough, their trial period may be extended.

UP Police Constable Salary During Training

When people join as Uttar Pradesh Police Constables, they are considered trainees for two years. They get paid during this time, just like regular police officers. They go through physical fitness training, classroom lessons, and practical field training to get ready for their job as constables. After they finish training successfully, they become official constables and might get a higher salary. Their salary will include basic pay, extra money for different things, and other benefits. During training, they might also get extra money to help with things like housing, uniforms, and other things they need.

UP Police Constable Job Profile 2024

The Uttar Pradesh Police Constable is an important job in the law enforcement team. They are responsible for keeping the peace and making sure people are safe in Uttar Pradesh. They do this by patrolling, stopping crimes, and working with the community.

1. Keep accurate records of what happens, like filling out reports about incidents and investigations.
2. Make and give reports about what happened in incidents, investigations, and arrests.
3. Help and support people in the community when they need it.
4. Make sure people follow the rules of the road to keep everyone safe.
5. Direct traffic when there’s a lot of cars or special events happening.
6. Take steps to stop crimes from happening before they do.
7. Work together with the community to get information and learn about what’s happening.
8. Regularly walk or drive around in certain areas to stop crimes from happening.
9. Watch public places, events, and gatherings to make sure people see the police and feel safe.
10. Quickly respond to calls for help and emergencies.

UP Police Constable Growth & Promotion

Candidates will be promoted based on their experience and how well they do their job. Here is the order of promotions for UP Police Constables: Constable, Senior Constable, Head Constable, Assistant Sub Inspector (ASP), Sub Inspector (SI), and Inspector. As they move up, their salary will also increase by around 30-50% in the first 5 years.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How is the UP Police Constable Salary determined?

The salary for UP Police Constables is decided by the 7th Pay Commission. If you want to apply for this job, you should look at the salary information to know how much you will get paid when you start working.

Q2: What is the monthly pay range for UP Police Constables?

UP Police Constables earn a monthly salary of around INR 30,000 to INR 40,000, which adds up to an annual income of about INR 4,20,000 to INR 4,80,000.

Q3: What is the Grade Pay for UP Police Constables?

The salary for UP Police Constables is INR 7,200/-.

Q4: Are there additional allowances for UP Police Constables?

Yes, UP Police Constables get different extra payments like DA, HRA, TA, LTA, Medical, High Altitude Allowance, and City Compensatory Allowance.

Q5: What is the In-Hand Salary for UP Police Constables?

The amount of money UP Police Constables earn each month can range from INR 21,700 to INR 69,100. The highest salary is usually earned after working for a long time.

Q6: How does the promotion hierarchy work for UP Police Constables?

In simple terms, the promotion ladder for UP Police Constables goes like this: Constable, Senior Constable, Head Constable, Assistant Sub Inspector (ASP), Sub Inspector (SI), and Inspector. Promotions are given based on how much experience and how well they perform their duties. Along with the promotion, their salary also increases by around 30-50% in the first 5 years of service.

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